What I do


Graphic Design

Highly talented, driven and flexible graphic designer with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions.



I'm an enthusiastic, creative designer with lots industry experience. I am someone who can design and create simple, beautiful and engaging websites.



They say if you love your work that you'll never work a day in your life. Because I love illustrating and drawing so much, I consider it anything but work.

Recent projects


Pangaea Cosmetics A1 Poster

PRINT06 Sep 2017


Finesse Wedding Management website

WEBDESIGN06 Sep 2017


Nanogen Hair Thickening

PRINT06 Sep 2017


DFX website

WEBDESIGN06 Sep 2017


Hi!  I am Peter...

My name is Peter Josiah from East London, I'm a kid from the 80's who watched alot of tv and movies growing up.

I have always been Creative my entire life. In fact I would say this is my strongest asset. From a very young age I was at my most happiest when I was sketching things, painting, making little figurines with anything I could find, Always coming up with new exciting games, inventing things, writing stories, getting lost in amazing worlds and characters made up in my head.

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Personal project

I have taken up story writing after a series of Dreams that I’ve been having from my early teens till now, where I am taken away to an ever expanding fantasy world. Each time I would wake from the dream and completely remember the plot of the stories sometimes even be able to return and complete an unfinished story.

The mystical land of Dumah is in chaos under the rule of the Necromancer Prince Lucien. Only his half sister Pricilla is the key to this worlds salvation.

This is me testing the waters in the hope that people like my Stories.

discover The Legend of Dumah...